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Temporary Vendor or Transient Trader Licence Application

Welcome to the online application for a Temporary Vendor or Transient Trader licence in the Town of Gravenhurst.

Before proceeding, please review By-law 2020-52 By-law to Licence Temporary Vendors & Transient Traders Within the Town of Gravenhurst.

As per section 1.10: "Temporary Vendor a person, company ororganization that sells or offers for sale any goods, wares, merchandise or services or who carries and exposes goods, wares or merchandise that are to be delivered afterwards but shall not include any of the activities of a permanent business or as otherwise exempted under this by-law."

As per section 1.12: "Transient Trader means a person that goes from place to place or a fixed location with goods, wares or merchandise for sale or who carries or exposes samples, patterns or specimens of any goods, wares or merchandise that are to be delivered afterwards but shall not include any of the activities exempted under this by-law."

In order to be eligible for consideration, all vendors and traders must complete and submit the following application form, including all applicable documents outlined in By-law 2020-52.

If you have any questions regarding the licencing process, please contact  the Legislative Services Department at 705-687-3412 option 8.

If you have any questions regarding By-law regulations, please contact Gravenhurst By-law at

Please Note:

An application submission does not guarantee a licence. Most applications receive a response within 5 business days.

The application must be submitted before the session ends. There is no save feature to resume an application at a later time.

Information on Licencing Fees:

Temporary Vendor:

1 to 10 vendors: $128.00

11 to 20 vendors: $179.00

21 or more vendors: $230.00

Transient Trader: $230.00 


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Notice of Collection

The personal information recorded on this form is collected and maintained in accordance with MFIPPA - the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for the sole purpose of processing your request. Questions about the collection of personal information may be addressed to the Clerk/Director of Legislative Services, Town of Gravenhurst, 3-5 Pineridge Gate, Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1Z3, 705-687-3412.

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