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Entrance Permit Application

Please complete the fields below after reading the instructions. 

Instructions for completing the form.

Entrance permits cannot be processed without a roll number or survey information.  If you do not have this information, please check your Deed.

 1. Road name & civic number – Please give us  a road name and if you have it, a civic number at the proposed Entrance, filling in Lot Number, Concession Number, Plan Number from the legal description on the Deed or Survey.

 2.  Please draw a sketch of the location of the Entrance to assist in locating the proposed entrance. Failure to provide an easy to follow map could result in a delay in approving the entrance. Provide a copy of the survey showing owner’s property lines as well as the neighbouring property lines.

 3. Lot Identification sign or a posted 911 Sign must be present for location purposes. Place 2 stakes at the desired location for the entrance to be constructed. Be sure to secure any Lot Identification sign and cover it with a clear wrap (plastic wrap and Ziploc bag) to protect it from water to allow for identification. 

4.  Entrance approval applications require a fee of per the current Fees and Charges By-Law. (includes 2 inspections) and an environmental fee deposit (to be returned to the applicant upon approval of Final Inspection). Please note the environmental deposit has an expiration of two (2) years from the date the permit was issued. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card (not Mastercard). Cheques should be made payable to the TOWN OF GRAVENHURST. Upon completion of the application form, submit to the Public Works Department at the Municipal Office. 3-5 Pineridge Gate, Gravenhurst Ontario. The entrance approval will require approximately 1 to 3 days (depending on weather), after which you will receive notification by telephone that you may proceed to install the entrance.  You will also be provided with a laminated Permit to post on site. 

5.  A Building Permit can be obtained in conjunction with this application. 

6.  Upon completion of the entrance installation, please notify our office in order for the FINAL INSPECTION to be completed. Please allow 1 week for final approval. Please note, final approvals submitted in the winter may require a spring inspection. Once the final inspection has been approved, the environmental fee will be returned to the applicant.

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