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Workforce Nomination Form

The Town of Gravenhurst understands that businesses biggest challenge is the attraction and retention of good employees.  As a way to assist businesses three programs have been developed. As a business you can nominate new or potential employees for the following programs:

  • Settlement Services
    • Connects new employees to local property owners and manager to find appropriate housing
  • Trailing Partner Support
    • Connects a new employees partner connect with businesses who are looking to hire
  • Familiarization Support  
    • a personal one-on-one tour of the Town, introducing new employees to specific places, people and resources

While the Economic Development Division will do its best to provide various contacts and opportunities, participation in this program does no guarantee success for all employees.

By completing this form you are agree that the nominated person is employed or will be employed by your company, is a full-time year-round employee and is new to Gravenhurst.

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