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Annual Business Survey

Dear Gravenhurst Business Owners,

As part of the Town of Gravenhurst's economic development mandate to create an environment where Gravenhurst businesses can grow and flourish, we actively monitor changes taking place within the business community and work hard to remain in contact with you.

We have created this brief survey as one way to collect business data and keep the lines of communicaitons open. This survey is designed to take only a few minutes to complete but provides vital information we can use to create initiatives and program to support you, our businesses. All data collected by the survey is private and covered under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Ontario. 

If you experience any issues with this survey or would prefer to take it in person at your location or by phone please call:

Jeff Loney
Manager of Economic Development
Town of Gravenhurst
705-687-3412 Ext. 280

Julia Crowder
Economic Development Coordinator
Town of Gravenhurst
705-687-2230 x 258


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